PION.COM pioneers in the current trend of task and test automation and helps organizations to successfully implement digital transformation, creating amazing digital experiences.

PION.COM Pioneers​

PION.COM aims to provide the test and task automation tool that maximizes limited resources while enhancing the performances.

With ATAM, anyone from novice to expert can develop complicated and sophisticated scenarios for mobile, web and desktop at any time and from anywhere.



ATAM enables anyone from novice to expert to develop sophisticated scenarios for test/ task automation and to build end-to-end service framework.



WALTER CCTV is developed based on open-source software and web-based system, drastically reducing development and maintenance fees.


Today, we are living in the world where test and task automation tools have become keys to successfully streamlining business processes. These technologies have been new sources of power that generate values, promote innovations and drives growth in almost every industry.

In this regard, ATAM, task/task automation tool provided by PION.COM, is a game changer. PION.COM has come up with the solution that eradicates such problems often accompanied with traditional task and test automation tools.


If you have any questions and/or requests for more explanation, information, demonstration, etc., please feel free to contact us to the following contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible with replies supported by facts and expertise.

264 Toegye-ro, Mukjeong-dong,

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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501호 (묵정동, 보림빌딩)

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