Accessible Test(Task) Automation and Monitoring

ATAM is a non-scripted test/task automation solution developed by PION.COM.


ATAM’s unique features, including cross-platform analytics, rule-based framework and script-free scenario creation, enable anyone from novice to expert to develop sophisticated scenarios for test/ task automation and to build end-to-end service framework.


Accessible (At any-time, from anywhere and by anyone)

-Easy Access to Scenario Creation via Script-free Environment

-Transparent and Traceable

Test/Task (Actual working environment)

-Full User Experience Testing / Task Automation


Automation (Easy-to-use)

-Script-free Scenario Development

-Instant Scenario Creation via Image-based functions

Monitoring (Comprehensive features)

-24/7 Test Execution, Task Automation and Monitoring

-Instant Error Alert

Existing test/task automation tools available in the market requires human intervention and humans make mistakes. Considering input from users, the performance of existing tools are poor. Moreover, existing test/task automation tools involve developing scripts for each and every step, and running them through a separate setup.

In the current development and working environments where everything is happening simultaneously and extremely fast, such tools do not adequately deliver the experience customers want. ATAM, a scrip-free scenario creation tool, however, solve such issues via its unique features mentioned above.

The main features and benefits of ATAM can be summarized as follows.


  1. Anyone can easily develop test/task automation scenarios.

  2. A person delegated to a specific task develops scenarios on his/her own, through which provided outcomes accurately reflects what he/she needs.

  3. Created scenarios can be selectively executed and easily modified.

  4. An organization can maximizes limited resources while enhancing the performances.

ATAM Demonstration (1).gif
ATAM Use Cases