Today, we are living in the world where test and task automation tools have become keys to successfully streamlining business processes. These technologies have been new sources of power that generate values, promote innovations and drives growth in almost every industry.

When it comes down to test and task automation, selecting the right tool is most vitally important because a single bug can do irreparable damages, causing massive financial and reputational losses.

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Although there are various tools available in the market, adopting them in the actual workplace, more often than not, produces the following disappointing results.

  1. Scenarios for task and test automation can only be created by skilled developers.

  2. Employees delegated to specific tasks are excluded from the development process, thus creating a gap between what they need and what solutions deliver.

  3. Traditional test and task automation tools involve developing scripts for each and every step, and running them through a separate setup.

Let’s say that there are 10 thousands of scenarios to be created and executed. Writing scripts for each of these steps will take huge amount of time and resources, making the procedure extremely time and cost consuming. It defeats the very purpose of task and test automation, which aims to maximize limited resources. Besides, there is no guarantee that provided outcomes would meet users’ requirements.

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In this regard, ATAM, task/task automation tool provided by PION.COM, is a game changer. PION.COM has come up with the solution that eradicates such problems often accompanied with traditional task and test automation tools. With ATAM, a person without technical backgrounds can instantly create test/task scenarios as if he or she is making a presentation in PowerPoint.

The non-scripted and codeless task/test automation tool allows one to easily make changes in scenarios, reuse and share them with colleagues, see the whole picture of quality assurance process in real time, reduce risk in business operations, and minimize stress-inducing-repetitive tasks, innovating the way he or she works.